Social Security

We, the members of Social Security Now (SSN) abiding by the principles of inclusive social and economic justice, economic rights, gender justice, dignity and security of labour  state the following:
Affirm non-targeted, non-discriminatory universal social security for all people living or working in India is a basic right
Affirm that it is the government’s responsibility to provide and fulfil this basic right for all people regardless of the status of economic development of the country 
Affirm that the government cannot abdicate its responsibility and accountability by privatising social security
Affirm that social security will be tokenism if adequacy and sustainability are not guaranteed
Affirm that social security should ensure health care, protection of child rights, disability benefits, maternity benefits, accident and medical care, unemployment benefits, old age pension and livelihood loss compensation and the benefit of pension and provident fund
Affirm that social security should address among other things the social inclusion of dalits, non-displacement of adivasis, housing and land rights of dalits, adivasis and women, vulnerabilities of migrants and recognition of unpaid work of women
Affirm that state should provide 6 per cent of the GDP for non-targeted, nondiscriminatory universal social security as all people living and working in India have the right over the wealth collectively produced in India
Affirm that economic justice be ensured by ensuring living wage to all which is need based not less than the wage of the lowest paid employee of the central government as defined by the Pay Commission and the ILC with periodic revision
Affirm that all workers in all work situations must enjoy core labour rights
Believe that assuring basic income to all living and working in India will be a genuine step towards economic justice and a means to prevent poor from extreme vulnerabilities
Affirm that identification of recipients should be simple and friendly and not obstructive and exclusionary