Centre for Education and Communication

CEC was conceived in 1982 by a group of activist intellectuals as a centre for workers’ education in Delhi. The founders of CEC creatively responded to the new labour movements that emerged in different parts of the country at that time.


Bonded Labour 
In its worst form bonded labour practice is an employer-employee relationship that institutionalizes and operationalises through the feudal system of debt and intergenerational bondage. However, forms of bondage are changing and are getting redefined according to the need of the emerging new societies and economies. Forced labour is an extension of bondage.
Child Labour 
Rights of children are the most violated human rights issues. Children, irrespective of age group, are forced to do labour works in India where we have landmark acts on Child Labour Protection and Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) (2009) until the age of 14.
Social Security 
Social security in India has been seen as an economic, social and cultural entitlement and not as a right that all are entitled to. Infact the provision of social security for some has become the justification for denial for many, due to the creation of a dual policy on social security.
Garment & Leather Workers 
Drastic increase in India’s exports of manufacturing goods during 1990s made it known internationally as a base for global commodity chains. Giant retailers and brands during this time were changing their strategy from production oriented management to a more market oriented one. As a result there was increasing informalisation of work.
Home Based Workers 
CEC conducted a study for the National Home workers’ Group of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).The purpose of this exercise is to investigate into the current situation of the garment industry in Sangam Vihar catering to export production focussing particularly on certain socio economic issues.
Migrant Labour 
With major labour market openings in the last couple of decades, and an overall policy shift in favour of liberalisation, deregulation of the economy and Government’s efforts towards making India WTO complaint, there is an emphasis on the protection of interests of business and investors rather than of migrant workers.